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Dear Internship in India Applicants,

Posted by ivecc on May 16, 2009

International Internship in India

Internship Positions – 2009 & 2010
(apply as early as possible in advance)

EduCARE India, offers development NGO internship for enriching life experiences for individuals wherein they can explore and exploit their potential in community applied research and development activities.

Our development projects are community guided and volunteer driven.  We are currently seeking interns to fill the following positions:

•  After School Education / Teaching
•  English Language Teaching and Cross-Cultural Studies
•  Girls and Women Empowerment
•  Early Childhood Care, Education & Development
•  Old Age Welfare
•  AIDS and Rural Healthcare Project
•  Development & Communications, Journalism/Public Relations
•  Environment Conservation, Waste Management, Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture
•  Website Design and Online Database Management
•  E-Commerce and Internet Marketing
•  Cultural Education and Exchange Development
•  Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action
•  Administration, Logistics and Office Management
•  Project Management Assistance

***Requirements for all Internship Positions
village based, near Chandigarh city, India
preferably 3 months to 12 months
Intermediate – English
Education :
Relevant to the field (Interest and Motivation gets more preference)

1. After / Out of School Program Intern
-Assist tutoring of students in academic subjects, such as reading, writing, English, Math, Science, etc.
-Assist in the planning and implementation of academic, enrichment, health, and recreational extra-curricular after / out of school learning experiences for students, children and youth..
-Work effectively with students in extended learning activities and assist with behavior management, discipline, interpersonal actions, and act as a role model.
-Gather and maintain student participation, development, and achievement data for program evaluation
-Support environments that are safe, healthy, and conducive to student learning.
-Assist recruitment and enrollment of students into tutoring and after school programs and activities.
-Participate in staff training and professional development opportunities.
-Perform related duties as assigned by other staff members, assist in implementation and management of after school activities,
-Research and create academic enrichment/support activities for youth;
-Develop and onsite and mobile library resources
-Work with Teachers to improve parental involvement and communication in student’s life;

2. English Language Training Intern

The English Language Trainer will be responsible for providing English language training and ensuring quality of program delivery at the Languages Institute at the e6n VIKAS Cluster Centre for –
a) English for Academics,
b) English as a Second Language,
c) IELTS – English for International Opportunity

a) English for Academics: The main job role includes , developing course outlines that reflect English language needs, and produce learning material and provide support for independent learning apart from designing, preparing and delivering course programs based on the set course outlines integrating all the macro language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) with incorporation of local content and cultural themes
b) English as a Second Language : The main job role includes, teaching locals who are visiting abroad for the first time with basic or advanced English language skills, cultural and communication etiquettes, and personality development
c) IELTS – English for International Opportunity : The main job role includes training and testing candidates who approach the institute looking specifically for IELTS coaching, and continuously monitoring and developing new content to keep the content at the cutting edge, fresh and in-sync with the changing requirements with assistance of the local resource persons

3. Girls and Women Empowerment Intern
-utilize energies and resources to maximum impact in an organized way by conducting some issue based events and programs work to improve the quality of life of adolescent girls by supporting and assisting efforts of other organizations and individuals to put in place focused and comprehensive strategies at regional and country level,

4. Early Childhood Care, Education & Development Intern
– To further create and develop platforms, facilities and network for elder care in rural areas and complement other existing government and NGO projects on childcare in the area. In line with the expected activities of such institutions, the volunteer activities include awareness building in the community, personal attention and care to the children in the rural slums and those coming to the
VIKAS centers everyday, assistance for record maintenance for each child, developing the motor skills of young children through games, feeding the children with the help of a local worker, continuous survey of all pregnant women and new born babies and creating a colorful and enjoyable environment for the children.

5. Old Age Welfare Intern
– To further create and develop platforms, facilities and network for elder care in rural areas considering them as a needy lot as many people live a third of their lives postretirement. So living, rather than focusing on old age as a terminal stage, is the future of old age. Apart from dealing with the problems of frailty, sickness and loneliness, we want to tap the potential of the older population as an important social and economic resource. Thus, we want to create opportunities for productive aging through volunteerism, and social entrepreneurship.

6. AIDS & Rural Community Healthcare Intern
-raise community awareness on challenges of HIV and AIDS -work with and for AIDS sufferers -form a work group of local health and education professionals; collaborate with this work group to develop standardized and culturally competent public health education curricula to implement within community and especially primary and secondary schools in the cluster of villages / slums; -develop implementation plan to utilize the curricula within the school and after / out of school time; -create an evaluation plan and evaluative tools to accompany the curricula to test beneficiaries’ understanding of material and effectiveness of the activities included within the curricula

7. Communications (Development) and PR Intern
-raise community awareness through website development, newsletters, brochures and other promotional materials; -assist in the preparation of grant proposals -drive communication efforts of the organization for professional tie ups with colleges and universities for co-certification of volunteers through experiential learning; -promote international education and internship amongst Indian and foreign youth

8. Environment Conservation, Waste Management, Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture Intern
-promote awareness amongst rural inhabitants on the importance of environment and conservation -develop and implement waste management plans in partnership with the local community -promote use of eco-friendly old, used and recycled materials -participate in and promote organic farming and sustainable agriculture -develop and experience a unique partnership to bring together academia, industry and government all working together with the community toward environmental and biodiversity conservation goals in rural areas

9. Website Design and Online Database Management Intern
Duties: –
The database management intern will work with staff on improving and upgrading the databases as well as linking them to other systems. Interns will have the opportunity to design database solutions in response to program needs, as well as research and present other information technology tools.

10. E-Commerce and Internet Marketing Intern
– Internet marketing are needed to help market rural products eCommerce web site that will help generate revenue for Self Help Groups through exporting. Tasks in marketing this site will include search engine optimization too

11. Cultural Education and Exchange Development Intern
– work to promote and facilitate student and youth exchange (international for India, and for Indians abroad) for education, internship, volunteer work, adventure travels, cultural tours, conferences and events, etc
– develop tie ups and alliances with international organisations, institutions and universities
– help develop operations and resources for ICCCI – Institute of Cross-Cultural Communications in India

12. Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action Intern
– to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship as a sustainable solution to social and environmental issues among youths, and develop young social entrepreneurs through seminars, exhibitions, public forums, training programs, and global internship exchanges.
– promote volunteerism in community development and social work as a culture amongst the local population

13. Administration, Logistics and Office Management Intern
– Working in financial accountability tasks such as preparation of invoices, financial planning and creating budgets; collaborate with the development of systematization of the documents and materials of the organization so that it reaches the users on time
– ensure the smooth inventory and asset records, logistical operations for various programs
– support international interns and volunteers living in the Intern House or with host family accommodation ensuring a positive experience for each intern / volunteer

14. Project Management Assistance Intern
– Assist in Project Management / the Project Director with ongoing projects as well as with daily tasks. Take responsibility for certain activities when the Director is absent. Organise meetings and the agenda, take telephone calls and reply to emails, represent the Project Director in certain internal or external meetings; Coordinate the organisation of events (exhibitions, meetings, workshops) with local partners; Meet foreign partners in order to monitor the different stages of the project; Publicise the results of different actions on the website; Create a folder to collect together all the communication tools established for each project; Assist with the writing of a logistical plan for a project(s); Monitor the link between the activities carried out and the initial plans/budgets: Produce reports; Conduct research and evaluation activities on the project(s).

for more details on internship opportunities international internship

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